Today I was surfing the internet and found that there are still very trusted platform where one can purchase Reddit accounts for their personal and business use.

Buy High karma aged Reddit Accounts

Buy Reddit Accounts

A question will be raising in mind that how a High karma aged account  can help us in the long run of SEO. Here are some salient features :

1-  Reddit do offer priority to the links posted with such accounts
2-  Other Reddit users do take interest in the links been posted by aged account.
3-  The Reddit Robots also welcome their links and do not report smaller issues.
4-  The posts are raised to Top in little time.
5-  Sticky posts which cannot be reported or down voted by new members.
6-  Reddit Domination.
7-  Gets more views and high chances for Viral traffic.
8-  Priority support and feedback.
9-  Can create own Sub Reddits.
10- And much more….

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