This is a great honour of for launching online school management application system. This website covers all the requirements been used by a school, college or University. Some of the main features are listed below:


1- School or Institution History.

2- School Staff – Designation wise – Unlimited

3- Location of the institution

4- Timings

5- Hostel Info:

6- Curriculum and Academics information

7- Facilities like , Book Shop, tuck Shop, Transport system , First Aid, Computer lab, Science Lab, Liberary and so on.

8- Admission form, Admission Policy and Guidence, Entry test and Fee Structure.

9- Monthly tests, First term , middle term, final terms and General Evaluations.

10- In activities, Parents Day, Annual Day, National Days, In Co-Curriculum Activities there are: Qiraat, Naat Khwani, Sports days, Study Tours, Drawing competitions and Other Activies,

11- In downloads Admin can manage Notes, Work Shteets, Work Plans, Assignments, Date Sheet and Syllabus for the Students who can download these from anywhere as well as Teachers can also download and make preparation for their upcomming classes.

12- In Media Admin can add photos of Students, Teachers and Guests which can be viewed from any where by Students, Teachers, Guests , Parents and other Website viewers.

13- In contact page , Admin can mention the correct address and all related details by which people can reach them.

14- In Guest Book people can make comments about the school and Admin is needed to re-view and Approve the comments before publishing. While Admin can delete any mess comments before publishing on website.

15- For website viewers there is an On line NOTICE BOARD where site admin will publish important Announcements which can keep update all the school staff and on line viewers accordingly.

16- For Position holders Admin can Publish there photos class wise on Website main page, Which can motivate students for study competition and Hard working to get place in there.

17- Admin can publish different kind of informative articles and Essays for Students and on line viewers so they can also get bundle of information as a regular Blog.


If you are interested to get this website for your School / College / Institution you may contact us at:

Skype: AWH2010

Phone: +92-3319920617